Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Best Revenge

The pendulum swings both ways. There are black holes, there are white holes. Leaves fall, new leaves grow. The birds fly south, the birds fly back. In other words...

Fantastic things are in the works. Like, life-changing shits. On the heels of the most maddening, saddening bullshit in my puny life, there's suddenly the potential to sprout like I ain't never sprouted. Grow how I ain't never grown. One person's loss is another person's gain.

In a weird way, I especially thank my neurotic fixation with Project Runway Season 2 for getting me through. "She said Andraaae, what's the matter with Andraeee?" will always make me laugh. It struck a chord, tickled my feathers, reminded me of the awesome year I spent at Pratt. My self-doubt prematurely ended my college run in Brooklyn, and I wish I'd never left. Can't change shit now, but oh goddess, I wish I'd stayed at Pratt.


And soon, there will be more talk of arts and crafts, as there should be. More talk of the fantastic, of the beastly, of the magickal.

Big happenings.

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