Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Hello from here

Hello again, or, for the first time.

So it's almost a whole new year. Different circumstances, familiar rhythm. Life unwinding.

Speaking of life, I'm going to attempt to update this here space semi-regularly with inspirational, motivational, and personal tidbits. I'm a wee embarrassed by some of the previous posts, though I don't want to erase them. It was all quite constructive, but I don't think I'll be sorting my shit out on the interweb again. Unless I do, but it won't be here.

I'd rather talk of the lovely, dark, and deep here. Myth and magic, creativity and spirituality, arts and crafts. Fantastic beasts, y'know.

Speaking of fantastic beasts... I recently had some illustrations and a weird self-help guide published in a monthly planner that's printed here in Philadelphia. So that's awesome.

Yeah. Here's to a blessedly soul-stirring year with ambitions stretched, goals achieved, and passion renewed.

Goodness to all.

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