Thursday, April 22, 2010

4/20 Comes and Blows

So, happy day, that special day that was days ago. I huffed-and-puffed with some good folks and all was well.

I feel so darned pleasant right now. I've been picturing myself as a sturdy sapling with strong, wandering roots, yearning/learning to grow tall, wide, and flexible, composting old shit as fertilizer for growth.

Lots of busy busy going on. I'm surprising myself constantly these days. With income comes the opportunity for more creative pursuits. Plus, getting back into school. I visit my cantankerous grandmere for the first time in years, and she offers to pay for whatever. How blessedly awesome is that? Holistic animal medicine, here I come. Haha. Oh, I'm not kidding.

New memories, new friends, new good times ahead. And, hopefully, some traveling!

Ooh, and I sold a new ring on Etsy! One of my most favorites; simple, but potent. Wish I had more supplies, I'm all inspired by the magick in the air. I'm kissing bushes and tree trunks, singing nonsense into the night air, savoring the glow of the waxing moon.

Also: guilty pleasures. Re: Project Runway finale. Subject: Well, okay then.

Um, more... Updating? More updating to come!

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