Wednesday, October 28, 2009

teensy update

I'm feeling good. People are supporting my strange (and sort of malnourished) little shop, my bearded partner and I aren't stressing each other out as much, we found a sandy-grey tabby kitten next door in the overgrown lot, hiding beneath a smashed car, we just got some sushi from Whole Foods, and we spent the day ransacking Philly Aids Thrift (PATS) for the ugliest Christmas sweaters we could find. As I type, we're listening to Little Richard & Jimi Hendrix's AMAZING record, Together.

If anyone who's made a purchase recently is reading this: thank you to infinity and beyond, you are making my dreams into realities, and I appreciate it more than a non-physical blog entry can say.

The Christmas sweaters, btw, are for our Halloween costumes. Oversized Christmas sweaters, classy red turtlenecks, and bright, tight red & green pants equal an amazing vision. Once we have some fake presents, fake blood and blue face-grease, we'll be set. Yeah, I think the idea is that the holiday shopping season turns people into zombies. Eh? Zombies are a bit too weirdly trendy considering their social commentary, but this just feels right.

Happy -- what day is this? Okay, Wednesday. Happy Wednesday to anyone (anyone?) who's reading this. I hope you don't regret spending these few minutes here.

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