Monday, November 24, 2008

Monday Update + Mini Tutorial


So I found some squares of Primo clay at a thrift store and I wanted to play around. As you can see, I made this gal with clay and a photocopy of vintage artwork. It's funny, I've never used clay outside of a school studio before and I realized there's too much dust and cat hair frolicking around in my room for this to turn out well. But I persisted because I wanted to try out this method for transferring images on polymer clay; I'm a sucker for cheap and easy alternatives.

Via Beads and Beading:

1. Make a shape from clay.
2. Press photocopied image onto clay surface (ink side down), burnishing gently so all your image is contact with clay.
3. Nerve-wracking fun time -- wet the image with cool water (not warm) and gently rub in circles. This should cause the paper to fuzz up into little wet balls which you can rinse off under the sink as you go. Basically, the paper peels away (circular motions work best, really) and the toner-based image is left behind.
4. After all (or most) of the paper's gone, bake the clay according to its directions, generally long enough for your apartment to stink like a plastics manufacturer.
5. Once it's baked, you can mess around with it and the image won't smudge. I painted with some gouache and then sealed the whole thing with a clear acrylic coating.

It was extremely satisfying to rub the paper and watch the image develop. I still don't know what I'll do with one of these finished pieces, but I'm happy with my little success.

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PolymerClayTutor said...

Hi Christine... Thanks for the mention of my tutorial!

I love how your piece turned out. Very cool!

I thought I would mention to anyone trying this, that it is always best to rub the paper from the center out. So that it just doesn't peel up at the sides and not have a chance to bond with the clay.

Also it is a very good idea to bake the piece, as soon as you can after removing the paper because after sitting for awhile, the ink will get very sticky and smear easily!

~Cindy Lietz